Training, Etc.


  • Training

    • Perhaps you have new staff, or new equipment, or both. Perhaps the system sounds great when Pat operates it, but not when Jamie operates it.  In any case, if I can spend a little time finding out what equipment you have and how it’s attempting to be beneficial, I can train your staff to use it more effectively.

    • I can customize the session(s) toward the equipment you have, the knowledge your staff is starting with, the uses of your equipment and the client(s) you serve.

    • I can generate custom labels, signage and informational documents for your specific situation.

  • Troubleshooting

    • If you observe inconsistent quality or behavior from your audio equipment – for example, if every third day it sounds like a UFO is landing on the roof; I’d like to help find out why.

  • Other small scale services – contact me.


This was a wall-mounted rack installed in a jazz ensesmble rehearsal space.  It includes 4 microphones, stereo amplifier, and capability for iPod/MP3 playback.  Also includes ability to record and playback via USB, appropriate storage, user manuals, and a full compliment of labels for ease of use. [The security screen over the amplifier had been removed by this point.]