Flannel Audio LLC was started by Ken Porter, based on the idea that not all venues or systems need a bazillion dollars worth of investment, because they're not all intended for use by Grammy winners or Heads-of-State. However, they do all deserve consideration for improvement or expansion which will fit in their respective budget. Flannel Audio is convinced that needs can be met (as well as a few wants) within whatever resources are available.
The motto "Comfortable Sound for Everyone" is a condensed way of saying that an audience member should comfortably hear what's intended. I.e. the sound does not (necessarily - depending on the event) need to be ear-shattering.  Not all events require bass that shakes the floor or makes one nauseous.  The sound shouldn't be shrill or fatiguing to listen to for long periods of time.  It shouldn't take a tremendous amount of focus or lip-reading to understand what's being said. Put more simply, an audience member should be comfortable with the program material s/he is hearing.
Before starting Flannel Audio, Ken received a BS in Engineering Acoustics and Music, has cut his teeth on such varied events as general purpose bands, political rallies, corporate meetings, variety shows, choral concerts, and theatrical productions (plays, musicals, and opera).  Ask him about recording people speaking Klingon for Automatic Speech Recognition research.
Ken has worked in venues ranging from small black-box theatres to serving audiences of thousands on Boston Common.  He has worked with technologies from reel-to-reel tape to the newest sound effect playback software packages, audio matrixing systems and digital consoles.  He has worked with microphones as small as the head of a pin and speakers as large as a refrigerator.  He particularly loves working in small groups to create long-term solutions to unique challenges.