The Flannel Audio concept is that small and mid-sized events and venues, and the people that attend them, deserve high quality audio.  We understand that Loud is not the same as Clear, and being heard doesn't help if one isn't understood.  Talk to Flannel Audio about how much your event needs and deserves.

It could be simpler and clearer than you think.

Sound Reinforcement


Taking the Sound you make and amplifying it so that everyone can hear it.  As clearly as possible

System Tuning


Optimizing your existing audio equipment settings, programming, and patching, so that it best suits the needs of your space. 

RF Coordination


Making sure your wireless microphones, In-Ear-Monitors, and wireless intercomm all work with no glitches, dead spots, or voodoo.



Your existing staff deserves to know how to get the most out of your existing equipment.

“…broad knowledge of technical theater […] made sure every production and event ran smoothly and professionally.” – Barrie K.