Here's a look at some previous projects

...And the services that were provided...

...And the unique challenges that were overcome to create a successful event!

Non-Profit Group Showcase/Performance at the Wang

Engineering / A1, Playback, Equipment Preparation

1 Day to load in (all departments) and set up the band. 1 Day for dry tech, wet tech and performance.

120 kids with various needs in various music and dance numbers.

Outdoor concert for college students, staff

Engineering, logistics

Mixture of gear from venue, rental, scavenged… with proper planning, we provided 4 monitor mixes plus enough mains to reach 95dBA (slow) for much of the courtyard.  

Conference phone consult

Consulted regarding possible equipment purchase and signal path logic for improving usability of conference phone(s) regularly used in a Vermont State Office conference room.

Consulted via telephone only, was unable to view the room in question.

African percussion


Xylophone large enough for 6 people to play.

Balancing a mix when 80+% of the instruments are percussion.

Radio Frequency Coordination

Listed, selected & coordinated frequencies for use in theatre

Not all sources of RF accounted for in national database…!

Legal Follies

Provided engineer, trucking logistics, labor, and equipment (including wireless mics, comm, ancillary equipment)

First time working with long-established group for week-long rental in not-their-typical venue.

Jazz Ensemble

Engineering, Stagehand, load in/out labor

Successfully communicating with variety of parties with vested interests: Music director of band, recording engineer, Front-of-house engineer, producer/venue liaison.


Drove 17’-20’ trucks, strapped and unstrapped gear (loaded & unloaded by union labor).

Consistently being on time after driving a large truck through Boston Traffic.

Conductorless Orchestra

Front-of-House engineering

There’s no conductor!

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